I want to give you some impressions of the growing up from our Puppies.

Where everithing start !

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Our Puppies are born inside our house, for that we change our Office into a birthroom. 

The Sofa for my sleepless Nights is already there !

The Puppies are moveing between 3.and week with the mother into the Puppyhouse. They have a lot of space and the possibility to walk out to there own Yard playground. Out there they can play, dig holes, run, fight, climb and learn things about the environment that they need for growing up.


Puppyhouse  &



 I want to thank my puppy buyers for the trust, wich they given me by purchase a puppy from my Kennel. It is a matter of course that i will be there for you if you have any questions or problems. I did everything that is possible, now it depend on you!

              our  A Litter

Chuck Cash Curly Camina Caya Cosy

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